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Computer - Laptop / Hardware Updates

Want a quicker computer? Add faster pieces. Everyone with a computer asks this sometimes. But new parts cost money. If you don’t have a lot of money, spend it on the most important parts.

Make your current computer last longer with some updates. When you bought your computer, it was the best one available. But in just six months, there was a newer and faster one out there. We can help you keep up with these changes by doing easy and affordable updates to your computer.

Call us today to learn how updating your computer parts can make it work faster and stay updated without buying a new computer.

RAM: RAM is like your computer’s short-term memory. It helps your computer work faster and do more things at once. If you add more RAM or use bigger RAM sticks, your computer can work even better. For big computers (desktops), changing RAM is simple. For smaller computers (laptops), you might need to look at the guidebook to see how to change it.

Hard drive: On many laptops and desktops, you can easily change the hard drive to a better one with more space. With a bigger hard drive, you can keep more songs, pictures, and apps. On a desktop, you can even put in more than one hard drive to save more stuff or make copies of your files.

DVD Player for Computer: If you get a new DVD burner or a Blu-ray player, your computer can do more things. Putting it in is simple. You might be able to put more than one in your computer. One can be the main one, and the other can be a backup.

Processor: Your processor affects how fast your computer works. It’s easy to replace. But before getting a new one, make sure it fits the slot on your computer’s main board. They need to match to work together.

Video / graphics card: A video card helps computers show better pictures, especially in video games and 3D programs. If you get a new video card, your computer can show even better graphics. This means you can play new games and watch high-quality videos on your big TV.

Now you can easily upgrade your computer / laptop parts!