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Having computer troubles? We can fix it. Call us if your computer is slow or not working right. We handle everything from bad hard drives to viruses. We’re your tech helpers.

We serve the entire city. We can fix many desktops in just one visit. If it’s a software problem, we might fix it without coming over. Most software problems can be solved from afar. If your computer is beeping or freezing, tell us. Our expert team will help you out today.

Computer Won’t Turn On

Computer Won't Turn On Problem Repair Service at TechGuide

The scariest thing is when your MAC or Windows computer won’t start. You push the power button, but it stays silent and dead, even though the screen light is on.

Don’t worry! Many people get scared when this happens, thinking they’ve lost everything on their computer. But your files, like photos and documents, are likely okay. It just means something in the computer broke.

Noisy Computer

Laptop Screen Repair or Replacement Service at TechGuide

Is your computer making strange noises? Over time, computers can start to sound louder due to dust buildup, worn-out fans, or hard drive issues. These noises aren’t just annoying; they can indicate potential problems that might harm your computer’s performance or lifespan. Our repair service specializes in diagnosing and fixing noisy computers. We’ll inspect your system, clean out any dust, replace malfunctioning parts, and ensure it runs silently and efficiently. Don’t let a noisy computer disrupt your work or leisure. Bring it to us, and we’ll restore the peace and quiet you deserve!

Computer Fails to Start

Computer Failure Repair Service at TechGuide

This can happen out of nowhere and for no clear reason. Sometimes your computer starts but then freezes while turning on. Many things can cause this issue.

Your computer might be trying to start using something like a CD, USB, or memory card. So, first, take out any CDs, USBs, or cards. Also, unplug cameras or big storage devices. Then, turn your computer off and on again. If it still doesn’t work, there’s another issue. If you see an error on your screen when starting, it might be because of a problem with the computer’s main parts like the motherboard or graphics card.

Computer Freezes and Restarts

Computer Freezes and Restarts Repair Service at TechGuide

Your computer can freeze and restart because of two main reasons. The first and most common reason is a software issue, like problems with Windows or Mac. Bad software or viruses can make the computer act up. If the computer sees a big problem, it restarts to keep itself safe. You can fix this by removing bad software, updating drivers, or putting in the operating system again. Our computer experts can check if it’s a software issue and fix your computer at your home or office right away.

A bigger issue is a hardware problem. The computer might be getting too hot, which can make it stop and start again.

When your computer gets too hot, it can stop working and restart on its own. There are other parts inside the computer that can also cause it to freeze or stop working. These parts include the power supply, graphics card, processor, and hard drive. Our computer experts will check your computer where you are. If they need to do more detailed checks, they will take your computer to our repair place and then bring it back to you when it’s fixed. You won’t be charged extra for this! Usually, fixing the computer takes between 1 to 3 days.

Computer is Too Slow

Slow Computer Repair Service at TechGuide

My computer is very slow. When I turn it on, it takes a long time for everything to show up. Sometimes it turns off by itself. How can I make it faster? It’s also slow on the internet and hard to check my emails. Sometimes there’s a message about a script not working. How can I fix this?

Does this sound familiar? Over time, computers get slow. They fill up with old and unneeded files.

This makes the computer slow and can make it stop working or show errors. It’s very annoying when you need the computer and it takes a long time to do easy things. This can happen to both old and new computers.

Printer, Keyboard or Mouse Doesn’t Work

Printer, Keyboard or Mouse Doesn’t Work Repair Service at TechGuide

Sometimes, things like your printer, mouse, or keyboard can stop working all of a sudden. Even if they were working fine the day before. This might be because of a problem with the software that controls them. If this happens, try plugging them into a different USB slot on your computer. This can sometimes fix small problems.

Sometimes the issue might be because of broken hardware. If devices plugged into USB aren’t working, it might be a problem with the main computer board. If your wireless printer isn’t working, it could be because of incorrect software or mistakes in setting up your Wi-Fi router.

Screen Doesn’t Show Anything

No Signal on Screen Repair Service at TechGuide

You turn on your computer. You hear it running and it seems to be starting up, but nothing shows on the screen. It says “no signal found”. This can be because of many things. If you moved your computer lately, check all the wires. They might be a bit loose. If the wires are fine, try connecting the screen to a different computer. Maybe there’s a problem with your screen?

If your screen is blank, it might be because of a broken graphics card or other parts. If the tips above didn’t help, you should ask a computer repair expert for help.

Our computer experts can fix any screen problems. We’ll check everything, including cables and software. You can schedule a fix online or call us. Wondering about the cost? Our repair person will look at your computer, find any issues, and tell you the price. If you decide not to fix it or it’s too costly, you only pay for the check-up.