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Custom Built (Assembled) Computers

We know how to make special computers just for you using good parts that don’t cost too much. Our computers last a long time. TechGuide is the best computer shop in Andheri.

If you are:

  • someone using a computer at home
  • a business
  • someone who plays games
  • a company that edits photos and videos

We can make a computer for you. No matter what you need, we’ll give you the best one for your needs. We’ll work with you to pick the right software. We won’t put any unnecessary programs that make your computer slow. Many new computers come with extra software you don’t need, which can make them slow. We’ll avoid that for you.

You’ll talk to the same person when discussing and building your custom PC. If you need help, you’ll speak to either Rakesh or Mayur. We know how to build PCs well, and past customers can vouch for our skills and friendliness.

Custom-Made Computers and Low-Cost Fixing and Help

  • Make your life easier by not picking from the many ready-made computers out there.
  • Trust that your computer will have good parts and setup from custom PC makers.
  • You won’t waste money on things you don’t need or like.
  • Your computer won’t have unnecessary programs that make it slow.
  • You’ll buy a fast computer that does exactly what you want.

Custom-made computers and cheap repair services

We can help you pick the right computer parts and programs for your needs and money. We can also make a computer that’s easy to upgrade later if you want. Some famous brand computers are hard and costly to upgrade, but we can make one that’s ready for changes you might want later.

We use good and affordable parts in your computer, so it will last longer than a regular store-bought one. This means you’ll save money in the long run. If you need help or want to upgrade, we’re here for you, and since we made your computer, upgrades will be simple.

We know which computer parts are the best because we often fix the ones that break. We’ll build your new computer by hand to make sure it works really well and stays cool.

Checked, Safe, and Strong

Before any computer we build leaves our shop, we make sure to test it thoroughly. We want it to work perfectly. We also update all the software and drivers to the newest versions.

We make computers that are very safe. We’ll put the best wall of protection on it. We’ll also tell you the best safety software to use. If you get a computer made just for you – for home, work, games, or things like video making – you’ll get the best parts and programs that work well and don’t cost too much.

If you want a new computer but don’t want the latest Windows, we can make one for you with Windows 7 or an older version if you like.

We know that business computers need to be strong and last a long time. Thinking about this and your budget, we’ll pick parts that can handle a lot of work and last a long time. Fast speed and lots of storage are important for these computers. We can make the best computer for your business. We’ll also set up your internet and help when you need it. We’re good at making these special computers and will choose the best parts for you.


Custom-made Computers for Home-Use

We can make a computer for students and people at home. It will be good for the money you pay and will do what you need. You can use it for email, looking on the internet, typing, banking, and keeping pictures, music, and videos.

Most gamers know a lot about computers and what they want for their gaming setups. They can quickly tell what they need, and then build their perfect gaming computer. These custom gaming computers often have powerful parts like faster processors and special cooling systems.

Now you can easily upgrade your computer / laptop parts!

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