Laptop Repair at TechGuide

Laptop Repair & Services in Andheri East

Laptop not working? No stress! Our friendly experts will fix it. We handle all laptop problems, big or small, with clear pricing.

TechGuide is fast, friendly, and flexible. Visit us even on weekends, get problem diagnostics service absolutely FREE. We deliver your device at your home or office.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement in Andheri East

Laptop Keyboard Repair or Replacement Service at TechGuide

Keys not working? TechGuide fixes laptop keyboards at a friendly price. Better than big brands, we make sure you and your device are happy.

We fixe keyboards for both Mac and Windows laptops. Our skilled team does it fast, often on the same day. We handle all repairs ourselves, no sending out.

If we can’t fix your laptop right away, we’ll keep it and return it the next day. No delays or confusion about warranties. Quick, affordable repairs at TechGuide.

Laptop Screen Repair in Andheri East

Laptop Screen Repair or Replacement Service at TechGuide

TechGuide fixes laptop screens fast! Often, we can repair your broken screen the same day. It’s easy and hassle-free with us.

We promise quick laptop screen repairs. All our new parts have a one-year guarantee. We’re nearby, so no long waits for parts. If not fixed today, it’s done by tomorrow. Our skilled team knows the importance of a working laptop. Worried about missed work or keeping the kids busy? Relax, we’ll get your laptop back in shape in no time.

Laptop Power Jack Replacement in Andheri East

Laptop Power Jack Repair Service at TechGuide

No power on your laptop? We can help! We quickly and affordably fix laptop power jacks. Our prices are clear and always competitive. We do all repairs ourselves, often finishing the same day you reach out.

We fix laptop charging ports for everyone, whether for work or home. Just call us, and we can pick up your laptop. If it’s urgent, we’ll try to return it fixed the same day, so you can get back to work or entertain the kids.

Laptop Cleaning Service in Andheri East

Laptop Cleaning Service at TechGuide

Keep your laptop running smoothly with our cleaning service. We clean all types of laptops quickly, in just one day. If your laptop is over two years old and hasn’t had its fans cleaned, it probably needs it.

Your laptop fan cools the important parts inside. It pushes out the hot air through vents. But, dust and dirt also get in through these vents and can block the fan over time.


Laptop Fan Replacement in Andheri East

Laptop Fan Replacement at TechGuide

Fan not working on your laptop? We fix it fast and at a good price. We can pick up your laptop and return it after the repair.

The cooling fan is an important part of your laptop that helps get rid of heat. It takes away the hot air made by the computer’s parts. In new laptops, a system called ‘heat pipe’ takes this hot air to the fan, which then pushes it out. Since everything in your laptop is close together, a broken fan is a big problem.

If your laptop’s fan breaks, it can get ruined quickly. We fix fans to keep your laptop safe.

Laptop Repair Services in Andheri East