Mac Repiar Service at TechGuide

Mac Book Repair & Services

Is your Mac no longer under warranty? Can’t easily get to the nearest Genius Bar? We fix Macs just as well but at a lower cost. We fix everything here, so it’s faster and cheaper for you.

Macbook Water Damage Repair

Macbook Water Damage Repair Service at TechGuide

Did water spill on your Mac? We can fix it fast and at a good price. No matter the type of Mac, we’ll change the broken parts and make it work like new.

If you buy a new Apple product, it comes with a one-year warranty. But this warranty doesn’t cover water damage. The Apple Care Protection Plan also doesn’t cover water damage. Fixing water damage in Apple products can be expensive. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to just throw away the damaged product and buy a new one.

Macbook Air Repair

Macbook Air Repair Service at TechGuide

We fix MacBook Airs faster and cheaper than the official brand. We use the same high-quality parts. It’s not super complicated, but we think it’s smart. You can rely on us to fix your MacBook Air. Our repair people really know Macs. You can meet us in person at our store or at your place.

We understand you want your Mac fixed quickly. We charge for the repair work and the good parts we use, not for fancy logos. We don’t have fancy pictures on our vans, so you only pay for the repair.

Mac Hard Drive Replacement

Mac Hard Drive Replacement Repair Service at TechGuide

Quick. Easy. Clear. We replace MacBook Pro hard drives. If your computer’s storage breaks, your laptop isn’t ruined. Call us, and we’ll fix it. We can either put in a new drive or fix the old one. Our team knows Macs very well and can help you.

Our expert Mac team will quickly find out what’s wrong with your data and often fix it right away. In fact, 9 out of 10 times, our team fixes Mac problems the same day they’re told about them.

Macbook Battery Replacement

Macbook Battery Service at TechGuide

Is your MacBook battery not working? Don’t throw your computer away. We can change the battery quickly, at a good price, and often on the same day. We can also come and get your computer from your house or job.

When you buy a MacBook, it’s well-made. But, its strong design makes it hard to open. So, when the battery gets old, you should take it to an Apple store. Changing the battery there can be expensive.

If you don’t live close to an Apple store, fixing your device might take many days. We use the same good batteries as Apple, but we fix your MacBook battery faster and at a lower cost.

iMac Repair

iMac Repair Service at TechGuide

Is your iMac not working? Don’t worry! Call our iMac fixers. We’ll check, repair, and give back your iMac very fast. We fix all iMacs ourselves, so we don’t send them somewhere else. And yes, we use Apple-approved parts.

We use the same good parts as Apple. But we fix your iMac in our store and charge you based on the real cost of the parts, not the price on the box. We also pick up and return your iMac, so you don’t pay extra for shipping.

We fix iMacs just like the big brand does, but we do it quicker, for less money, and in a way that’s easier for you. We’re pretty proud of that! Plus, our service is very safe. Every person who fixes your iMac promises to keep your data private.

Macbook Keyboard Replacement

Macbook Keyboard Replacement Repair Service at TechGuide

If your keys don’t work, don’t worry! We can quickly replace your MacBook Pro keyboard. We use real parts and do a good job. It’s like getting it fixed by Apple, but faster because we fix it here and don’t send it away.

We fix MacBook keyboards for less money than big repair shops and Apple. You only pay for the parts and our work. We have a set price, so you know the cost before you give us your laptop.

Mac Screen Replacement

Mac Screen Replacement Repair Service at TechGuide

Got a damaged MacBook screen? We fix it fast and easily. Plus, we don’t send your MacBook somewhere else to be repaired, so you save both time and money.

We fix Mac screens easily. You call us, we come to you, fix your MacBook, and return it. Super simple! If you’re near one of our shops, you can bring your Mac and we’ll fix it quickly. We have many screen sizes and use the best parts, just like the official Apple repair places.

If you’ve broken your Mac screen, whether it’s a Retina or MacBook Air, we can fix it. We also repair iMac screens. Just tell us the year and size of your screen, and we’ll replace it quickly. If you’re unsure about the details, bring it to our store or we can pick it up from your home or job. We’ll find the right screen and fix it before your next video call.