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Having phone issues? We can fix it. Call us if your phone is slow or not working. “From Mobile Repair” is here to help with tech experts.

We serve the entire city. We can fix many mobile phones in just one visit. If your issue is with software, we might fix it without coming to your place. Most software problems can be solved from a distance. If your computer beeps or your screen stops working, tell us. Our trained experts will help you today.

Mobile Won’t Turn On

Mobile Not Turning On Repair Service at TechGuide

The scariest thing for your phone is when it doesn’t turn on. You push the power button, but nothing happens. There’s no sound and no light. Your phone is completely off.

Don’t worry! Sometimes people get scared when this happens, thinking they lost everything on their phone. But your photos and files are likely okay, you just can’t see them right now. There’s an issue with your phone’s hardware or software.

Bad Apps

Bad Mobile Apps Repair Service at TechGuide

Most times, if your phone restarts by itself, it’s because of a bad app. Remove apps you don’t use. Make sure the apps you keep are good, especially for emails or texts. My wife found out her Galaxy S5 phone would turn off and on when she got a text. Changing from the Verizon text app to Hangouts solved the problem.

An app might be open behind the scenes, making your Android restart by itself.

Stuck button and Defective hardware

Stuck Button and Defective Hardware Mobile Repair Service at TechGuide

Sometimes the Power button can have dirt or water in it. Make sure there’s nothing stuck inside. Also, see if your cover isn’t pressing on the button too much.

If you’ve tried everything and your Android phone keeps turning off and on by itself, it might be broken. Talk to the store or the company that made it. If you changed the original system on your phone, ask the person or group who made that new system for help.

Loose Battery

Loose Mobile Battery Repair Service at TechGuide

This issue happens only on devices where you can take out the battery. My Droid 1 and Samsung Galaxy S4 would often restart by themselves. Sometimes, they would turn off and not come back on. This was because the battery was not fitting tightly. Even a small bump could make the battery move and reset the device.

The main reason is that the back cover is a bit bent, so it doesn’t keep the battery tight. Also, the gold parts that connect to the battery might be bent or worn out over time.

Systems Apps are Disabled

Systems Apps are Disabled Mobile Repair Service at TechGuide

Did you turn off some Android apps? If you turned off important apps, it might be why your phone keeps restarting.

Check under Settings > Application and swipe over to the list of apps that are Turned OFF or Disabled and turn on any apps that help your device work right.


Mobile Overheating Repair Service at TechGuide

If your Android phone gets too hot, it might turn off by itself. If you use it on a very hot day with many features on, like 4G, GPS, and a bright screen, it could turn off or restart. To avoid this, turn off things you don’t need.

If your device gets too hot and turns off often, it’s not normal. If this happens a lot, tell the store or the maker of the device.

Display Screen Repair

Mobile Screen Replacement Repair Service at TechGuide

If your phone screen is broken, scratched, or cracked, our expert team can fix it for you. Our repair people are very good at their job, trustworthy, and have been well-trained.

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