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Tablet issues? We can fix it. Call us if your tablet is slow or not working.

Tablets can do more things than phones. You can watch movies, read books, make work slides, chat on Skype, play games, and use social media on them. So, if your tablet is broken, you’d want to fix it fast.

We serve the entire city. We can fix most tablets in just one visit. If you have software problems, we might fix it without coming to your place. Most software problems can be fixed from where we are. If your computer makes beep sounds or your screen stops working, tell us. Our trained computer experts will help you today.

Screens and/or glasses replace

Tablet Screens or Glasses Replace Repair Service at TechGuide

If your phone screen is broken, take it to a phone repair shop to fix it safely. The experts at Cell Phone Repair can fix it fast. You can go to a nearby CPR shop and they can fix it while you wait. If you’re busy or the shop is too far, just send your phone by mail. They’ll fix it and send it back to you quickly.

To fix a broken screen, you should change it. Even if your phone still works with a cracked screen, it’s not good to keep using it. The broken glass can hurt your fingers. Over time, the screen might show dark areas or colors might look wrong. If you keep using it, the phone might stop working completely.

Water damages

Water Damages Tablet Repair Service at TechGuide

Water and tablets don’t mix well. It’s a big issue if someone drops their pricey phone or tablet in water, like a toilet.

It’s not a good idea to use your phone while on the toilet. If you drop it in water, don’t worry. Act fast and you might be able to dry it and make it work again. These tips can help with other devices too, like tablets. But remember, the fancier the device, the harder it might be to fix if it gets wet.

We fix tablets for people at work and at home. Our team can come to you to get your tablet. Just call us. If you need it fast, we’ll try to fix it and return it the same day. This way, you can finish your work or let the kids play during mealtime.

Viruses, slow software, data recovery and transfer, software updates

Viruses, Slow Software, Data Recovery and Transfer, Software Updates

Want to move your photos, songs, videos, papers, or other stuff to a new hard drive? We can help. If you’re setting up a new system and want to keep your personal things, you’ll need this. If your hard drive or computer isn’t working right, we can also get your data back. If the drive is okay, we can move the data for you.

Save your data and then put a fresh version of your system on your computer. Add protection like anti-virus and other programs you want to move over.

Charging ports

Tablet Charging Ports Issue Repair Service at TechGuide

Before you open the back of the gadget, get the correct charging port. Look for it using the tablet’s name and number. Make sure the part number is the same before you buy a new one.

Put the new port in the same way you took the old one out, but do it backward. Make sure the port fits well in the device. Attach everything that was connected to the old charging port. Put all the screws back and make sure the tablet’s back is on right.

Put a towel down to keep the tablet safe and stop parts from moving. Take out screws from the tablet’s back and put them close by. Take off the tablet’s back and find where the charging part connects. If needed, use a plastic tool to help take off the cover or things in the way of the charging part. Take out or unclip the charging part, based on how it was put in.

Logic boards and internal components fix and replace

Logic Boards and Internal Components Fix and Replace Tablet Repair Service at TechGuide

Many phone repair places in the US don’t fix broken main parts because they don’t have the tiny soldering tools. This small soldering is more common in Europe. But soon, the US will need it more because many tech things need this kind of soldering to be fixed.

You can change the main part of the phone, but it’s not safe and might not work. If you do, you’ll lose all your saved stuff like photos and apps. Also, it’s expensive. Usually, your phone only needs a tiny part fixed. This is done with special soldering. Without the right tools, you can’t check or fix the problem.

Battery replacement

We fix battery problems for many tablets like Samsung, Asus, Acer, Apple iPads, and others. We have lots of batteries ready for quick repairs. At xigox Repairs, we use the best batteries when fixing your tablet.

You may need to replace your tablet battery if…

  1. You charge your tablet to 100% and shortly after the battery dies.
  2. The tablet battery is fluctuating battery percentages very quickly.
  3. The back cover of your tablet is bulging due to the battery expanding.
  4. The back cover of your tablet is bulging due to the battery expanding.
  5. Your device will no longer turn on.
  6. Your device only turns on when plugged in.

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